Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Palais de Versailles Brut NV

By Keri Navarre

clip_image001Sparkling wine has had a bad rap. Most people think it is too expensive and is only to drink on special occasions. What is not realized is the versatility of this wine. The bubbles and balance of acidity pair well with a multitude of foods and desserts.

A well-made, inexpensive sparkling wine is Palais de Versailles Brut NV ($10-$15). This Bordeaux sparkling wine will tingle your taste buds with caramel and oak and tight, effervescent bubbles. The finish is smooth with a slight apple taste that lingers on your tongue. Whether you are having a brunch of Eggs Benedict and Quiche or a dinner of Roast Pork and Apples, this wine will pair well with a myriad of dishes usually reserved for a light Chardonnay. So, I encourage you to open your wine palate and make room for sparkling wine to pair with your everyday meals.

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